Accurately generate simulations and vehicle turn maneuvers

Visualize vehicles passing through the site and building, while identifying potential hazards or constraints between structural elements and vehicles.

Accurately simulate vehicle turn maneuvers faster and directly in your Vectorworks design.

Conveniently assess vehicle turning space

Plan your project efficiently and get greater insight by clearly visualizing vehicle turning space and circulation to assist in your design.

Easily facilitate decisions across all stakeholders to reduce design changes and costs starting from the early stages of the project.


Directly Integrated

Working in Vectorworks allows users to quickly complete checks hassle free

Precise Calculations

No previous knowledge necessary for precise results on the simple user friendly platform

Turning Simulation

Supports professionals in entertainment, logistics, and commercial industries

Accurate Analysis

Be confident in the analysis that is widely adopted by civil engineers around the world


Gain greater insights by clearly visualizing the vehicle turning space to assist in your design

Access points to project
site from adjacent roads

Ambulance & Emergency vehicle access and clearance

Ferry Terminals

Driveways and Residential
Site Development

Pre-sizing parking lots, parking
access and parking stall size

Buildings requiring service
vehicles to access loading bays

Visualizing multiple vehicle
movements at the same time

Commercial and garbage truck
access and clearance


Insert realistic vehicle outlines to
convey parked vehicles and
turning analysis

Display and analyze the various
vehicle envelopes to ensure your
design allows sufficient space for
circulation and maneuver

Simulate forward and reverse
maneuvers based on turning radii
for various vehicle types

Flexible pricing options to fit your budget

Vehicle Bundles starting

FROM USD $69/Month

Monthly or Annual Subscription

Vehicle bundles are categorized as follows:

Regional Guideline
Vehicle Bundles

Over 500 standard vehicles
from 22 countries

Global Manufacturer
Vehicle Bundles

Over 300 vehicle manufacturers

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Purchase Within Vectorworks

Accessing AutoTURN Online in Vectorworks

Click AEC / Spotlight  / Landmark / Entertainment

Click AEC /Spotlight / Landmark/ Entertainment from the drop down menu to find AutoTURN Online and log in.

Send the Design

Select Send Design to AutoTURN Online to conduct vehicle simulation. Files are then transferred, allowing for easy data exchange and future file access.

Get Analysis

Click Close and Get Analysis to receive the completed analysis. Data and visuals can then be inserted back into the Vectorworks drawing.

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Platform Requirements

Vectorworks 2019-2024

Languages Available 

English, French, German,
Spanish, and Japanese

System Requirements

macOS 13 (Ventura)

macOS 12 (Monterey)

Windows 11

Windows 10 64-bit