Assess vehicle circulation around the built environment

Visualize vehicles accessing or passing through the site and building, while identifying potential hazards or constraints between structural elements
and vehicles.

Seamlessly merge vehicle simulations and circulation diagrams
into your drawings within your Autodesk® Revit® workspace.

Vehicular circulation & building design

Plan your project efficiently and get greater insight by clearly visualizing vehicle turning space and circulation to assist in your design.

Easily facilitate decisions across all stakeholders to reduce design changes and costs starting from the early stages of the project.

Working with your design phases – all within Revit®:

Preliminary Site Plan

Plan thoroughly before the
initial design work begins

Show and analyze vehicle movement paths when designing the site access points & identify constraints to the adjacent road network and the building.

Schematic Design

Collaborate visually in
client/designer meetings

Reach decisions easily by presenting the vehicle circulation right from the very beginning of your design. See if the structural elements and other components will interfere with any vehicle accessing or passing through the site or building such as service vehicles and more.

Design Development / Construction Documents

Go deep into the details

Design changes are unavoidable, quickly run a vehicle movement to ensure the project can accommodate the design vehicles. Reduce design iterations among you and other disciplines, and meet local codes and bylaws.


Peer reviews made simple

Speed up design reviews by allowing project partners to see what you see and collaborate on design decisions

Building Permit Application

Faster approval from City Officials

Include vehicle movements & circulation analysis within BP drawing submittal for quicker approval process by the Transportation Engineer and The City.


All the great benefits of AutoTURN Online now integrated with Autodesk® Revit®

Starting from
$914 USD*

Includes standard & manufacturer vehicles!

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Visualize vehicle movements, circulation, and clearances for a variety of scenarios, all within Revit®

Access points to project
site from adjacent roads

Buildings requiring service vehicles (commercial trucks) to access loading bays

Fire apparatus access
and clearance

Pre-sizing parking lots,
parking access and
parking stall size


Garbage truck access
and clearance

Ambulance &
Emergency vehicle access

Visualizing multiple vehicle
movements at the same time
& more!

Platform Compatibility

Platform Requirements

Autodesk® Revit® 2023 – 2024 (except Revit® LT)

Languages Available 

English, French, German, Spanish

System Requirements

Full support for 64-bit operating systems

Workstation: Windows® 10, 11