Creating an Arc Path Simulation


An arc path simulation allows you to dynamically drive the vehicle at a certain speed (speeds can be changed as you create the simulation) while looking at the envelopes to make sure there aren’t any conflicts with elements (i.e. structural elements, walls, curbs, etc.) in your drawing.

This easy to use and flexible simulation tool allows you to experiment by drawing in real-time to explore various options.

To create an arc path simulation with the selected vehicle (general steps):

  1. Select the  Generate Arc Path Simulation
  2. To establish the vehicle’s starting location on your drawing simply click on an area and set the vehicle’s orientation
  3. Then using the mouse to indicate the direction of travel, drag and click to create vertices along the path.
  4. Right-click and select Finish to create the arc path simulation.
  5. If needed, select the simulation created and click Delete to start over.