Creating a Path Follow Simulation

Alternatively, you can generate a path from a pre-defined trajectory by drawing it in AutoTURN Online with the “Draw Polyline” tool or from Revit. These lines determine the path for a path follow simulation.

From a line to simulation

  • The Revit drawing should contain a sequence of connected detail lines that serves as the path.
  • If not, you can draw the intended trajectory in AutoTURN Online; click the  Draw Polyline tool and draw the path polyline. Right-click while drawing to switch between line and arc modes. Right-click and select Finish when complete.
  • Click the Generate Path Follow Simulation.
  • Click to select the path polyline.
  • Click to indicate the travel direction for the vehicle.
  • Click to create the path follow simulation along the polyline path.
  • If needed, select the path and click Delete to start over.