Getting Started

  1. When you start a new drawing, you’ll be prompted to setup your drawing to perform turning path analysis on an aerial image or CAD File (i.e. DXF or 12D XML).
    Tip: If you would like to use a PDF or Google Map image, you can easily take a screenshot to capture the scenario in an image format for importing it into AutoTURN Online.

  2. The 2 main tools that you will use to simulate turning paths will be

    Select Current Vehicle
    Generate Arc Path
  3. Once a simulation is created, you will be able to select it (left-click), and see possible actions (right-click) to adjust Properties like display settings for envelopes and clearances.

  4. Upon completion of your analysis, you can export the image or drawing out of AutoTURN Online.
    Tip: If you would like to bring the simulations back to the CAD environment, you can overlay the exported simulations onto your original CAD design file. ​


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